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Below you will see a list of various projects I worked on. 


UNITY - Senior Artist - Creative Studio

  • Look development and Art Directed several AR and in-house game projects

  • Created final products and previsualizations, Models, textures as well as directed contract studios on projects.

  • Directed outsource teams and internal to create Disney's look for Duck Tales Portal campaign and part of the Cannes Film festival AR app.

  • Worked with internal and external teams as well as programmers.

  • Created various materials, effects, 3D and 2D art all based on different game and project scopes. 

IMVU - Senior Character Designer
  • Look development with concept art and model prototyping for a new AR product for the mobile market.

  • Art direction for real-time characters optimization for new AR product.

  • Rigging and model production.

SPORTVISION / SMT - Art Director for Sportvision Fremont
  • Art Director for broadcast sports as well as mobile apps and games for the company.

  • Managed VR projects and game prototypes as well as app development.

  • Managed and Art directed NASCAR app Raceview using the Unity engine.

  • Art directed and in charge of a solid team of artists for the leader in broadcast sports and interactive media for NFL, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, MOTOR SPORTS, PGA and NCAA.

  • Character Art Director generalist/tech artist working on Dead Realm for PC for 3BlackDot. 

  • Creating models and textures, editing textures and rigs as well as painting weights.

  • Contract character Art Director running quality control for animation.

  • Prepping key assets for export and importing into unity 3D.

  • Supervising junior artists making sure they are on the right track reviewing their artwork and mentoring them when needed.  ....Solving and advising on all art pipeline issues with characters. DEAD REALM.

3BLACKDOT - Character Art Director/Tech Artist



  • 3D consultant and modeler for their VR game using Unity 5.

  • I modeled, optimized and unwrapped an arena for them to use in Unity.  The whole arena comes in at 36k tris without prefabs .

  • Outsourced client of Ghost Jack's.

  • Managed the early art items for Lumba's Tribal Rivals, screened art leads.

  • Created an initial 3D pipeline and reviewed 3d art and illustrations for quality control. This was for the mobile market and is currently available for IOS and the Android systems.


  • In charge of the original concept and design.

  • Art directed and managed content production pipeline along with the producers.

  • Prepped production assets for an animated series pitch.

Alchemy's Razor

  • Original creator and designer.

  • In charge of the look and feel of the animated series and character designs currently in development with our talented team.

  • Game look and concept are also under my care as we work with designers and illustrators. 

Weird Junior High

Fist Full of Magic - Animated Series and Game Development

  • Handling multiple IP developments in the U.S.

  • Creating and helping manage the pipelines for our Brazilian office as well as production in the U.S.

  • Working on a game and TV series for Fist Full of Magic, and Weird Junior High.

  • Creating VR project for a new IP. Overseeing all the development for these properties involving concept art, previz work, animation and final output. 



GHOST JACK ENTERTAINMENT - Creative Art Director, North America

  • Original creator, designer, and art director.

  • Manage all art assets as well as direct the team for the visual look and feel. 

Worthington and Blu' - VR Project

  • Currently, we are working on a VR project using the Unreal 4 Engine. I can't say much more, but it's going to be cool. 

  • Creating animated shorts based on the IP.

  • Original creator and designer.

  • Outsourced client of Ghost Jack's.

  • Managed some of the early stages of this game after Yoville was purchased by Zynga.

  • Helped create a pipeline to get some of their first original content out the door.

  • Acted as an art director and pipeline manager.


  • Outsourced client of Ghost Jack's.

  • Managed the pipeline for the redesign of iWin's Family Feud game.

  • Managed the pipeline for the redesign of iWin's Family Feud Battle of the Sexes game keeping everything in line with the client's needs and vision, art-wise and design-wise.


  • Created the initial character pipeline for their unreleased title as an outsourced client for Ghost Jack.​

  • Art director and tech supervisor for Ghost Jack. We were their go-to guys for the character models, rigs, and animation until the project was canceled. They were also in the middle of being purchased by Gazillion.


  • Outsource client of Ghost Jack's. 

  • In charge of the character modeling and rigging pipeline.

  • This project was for their internal training video for their Brazilian branch. Here is a link to the final product link 


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