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Series of Magic Effects


Here are some samples of animation I have made from simple walk cycles to prototypes and tech demos for various companies.


Here is a series of magic effects I created at Unity comparing their standard Unity engine with the Unity for Small Things engine.. ...and created and exported some sprite effects to bring into the engine for a series of games. A sprite pack was used here for the electrical and hand-made textures. I will be posting more magic effects later.

Weather Systems in Unreal


Here is a series of effects I created for Ghost Jack Entertainment, later turning them into two tutorials for Digital Tutors / Plural Sight. I created advanced node systems in the shader network to create believable lightening and rain effects as well as blizzard and snow effects, utilizing the GPU particle options and advanced node features to get a realistic look. I also created vertex painting systems to create vertex displaced snow and icicles. 

Hand Animated Effects


Here is a series of 2D hand animated effects I created in flash for compositing over a 3D animated scene in Maya. I created these for an early pitch concept for Ghost Jack Entertainment. The first two are attack scenes in progress and the last two are the hero activating his armor. All the models and rigs were created by me as well as the 2D effects in place. This project is currently in development. I will post more updated shots once I get an okay from the head of production. These are early tests of the visual look of combining 2D and 3d effects.




This is a climbing animation I created for an undisclosed project for 3Black Dot. The climb middle part of the animation I made is loop-able. I edited the Maximo bone system and created a simple custom rig so I could add custom animations that would blend with Maximo's Mocap data. 





Here is an animation I created from a model I made and rigged. It shows a character summoning magic, then throwing/firing it off. One is a far shot and then the other is closer up. This was all done in Maya. 





This particular project was created for data analysis of video using SMT's pitch data tracking tech. I created the rig and animation for this and also partially created and optimized the skeleton to be used as markers for the editors working with the program. The spine needed a controller at every joint so the programmer could track the motion precisely. Later, when I attached mocap I removed most of the spine joints and kept the controls simple. 


I worked with the programmers to export the rig, animation, and bones with accurate measurements so we had the best output. This was all done in Maya. 



for VR Interaction


This is a VR interactive demonstration I recently made for M-labs demonstrating interaction for data analysis. This was all done in Maya. 


for AR App


Here is an animation loop I created for an AR app at SMT that was being developed for NASCAR. She was animated using an Autodesk procedural model and rig. It was to appear as if she was noticing people around her. 

In-Game Cinematic



This particular animation was created for Ghost Jack Entertainment for an in-game cinematic. I tried to exaggerate the movement for the animation. I was the lead technical artist overseeing all the rigging. 

Monster Walk



This was a monster casual walk I made for a class I was teaching.

Mech Turn



Mech turn WIP. This was an exaggerated mech turn I created with a model I rigged and animated. On the right is a just a quick break down of the little things I have on this fella. This was all rigged and modeled by me. The jets are a fractal node connected to the controller that auto animates. 

MEL Script


Here is a MEL script I wrote to help with some shaking automated animation Ghost Jack needed for an animated short. Ghost Jack had some stylized fire that needed to move randomly as well as some magic effects needing a shake effect.  This should work in all versions of Maya. You can get it from me :) here 

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