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Hello. My name is Sean Spitzer. I am currently the Creative Art Director for Ghost Jack Entertainment, North America. I have been in the Games and Animation industry for years and I eat and breathe 3D art and game development. I like long walks on the beach, Golden Retrievers,....oh wait, wrong website. 


I have managed art pipeline accounts for Ngmoco:), Zynga, Nextel, Slip Gate Ironworks, iWin and many others for Ghost Jack Entertainment. I work in PC games, VR, AR, and in the mobile space. 


I am currently developing multiple IP's for TV and game production. I am in charge of maintaining the look and feel of the products and keeping the projects in line with the established canon. 

Just recently I finished working at Unity Technologies as their Senior Artist as well as consulting for their 3D certification program. 


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!



Below is some of the software I know---


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I have also been an alpha nerd teacher. I use to instruct part-time at the Academy of Art University and The Art Institute of California-San Francisco . Here is my YOUTUBE CHANNEL with tons of instructional videos on 3d modeling, animation, texturing, and rigging. I have also been a Creative Content Creator at Digital Tutors / Plural Sight.


Check them out on the tutorials page! - TUTS


I have had the pleasure of working with Sean at the start of our careers in the games space and been lucky to see him develop into the seasoned professional he is now. He is full great ideas and knows how to work around issues, always approaching his work from the audience point of view. He has a ton of great experience in leading teams as well as many years of teaching. He is smart and a great collaborator for me personally as I'm always bouncing ideas off of him as I respect his opinion. He is smart and simply a joy to work with. Any team would be lucky to have him.


Marwan Abderrazzaq - VP of Games at 3Black Dot

It is very easy for me to write this one. Sean is a freaking All-Star artist! Not only is he incredibly personable, he is driven and proactive when tackling his projects. I relied on Sean to work on a variety of projects from 2D to 3D onto AR. He did the work quickly and always exceed expectations. His experience with Unity and Maya are top level. He would be a stellar hire as a lead or senior artist. Get him on-board you team ASAP!

Eric Adams - Executive Producer Unity Technologies

Sean is a Great guy! He returns all his library books.



He is faster than me and a bit more awesome!

Random Ninja


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